Message Master 4000

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Message Master 4000 is a critical Alarm Monitoring System that was engineered to meet all aspects and applications of facility monitoring and management while retaining the capability to be a standalone monitoring unit. Comes in two models, Message Master 4000 sends SMS alerts and e-mail notification to users instantaneously when an alarm states occurred. With many years of proven track record, Message Master 4000 has been able to help businesses and the industry in general to effectively monitor, control, and manage various types of facilities and critical system.

System Specifications

Operating Voltage 9-30 VDC, 2W max power consumption
Modem Quad Band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz
Digital Input 8 16
Relay Output 4 2
Analog Input (4-20mA)
Interface HTML interface, accessible via web browsers
Display 16 x 2 characters LCD with backlight
SMS Alert 40 mobile numbers
Email Alert Yes
Event Log Up to 500

Product Features

  • Ease of use
    Absolutely no programming or technical knowledge is required to use this system. Any computer can access its HTML web-based control panel using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

  • Intuitive user interface
    Although Message Master 4000 is rich and complete in functionality and performance, configuring it to user specific requirement is a breeze.

  • Flexible User configuration
    Configurable easily with any local or remote computer. Only authorized with the correct user ID and password can access Message Master 4000.

  • Remote access
    Not only Message Master 4000 can be connected to any computer in the local area network (LAN) environment, it can also be easily setup for remote access and control over the Internet.

  • Standalone operation
    Message Master 4000 only need to connect to the equipments to be monitored. No PC or server is required. The PC is needed only for configuring its operating parameters and for viewing the status of the equipments. Network ready.

  • Expandable
    Additional Input-Output expansion boxes, temperature monitoring, industrial controllers, even third party software can communicate with it via standard TCP/IP protocol.

  • Microcontroller based design
    It is not a PC hardware and does not contain moving parts like hard disk, CD-ROM drive that can affect its reliability.

  • Low power consumption
    Because it does not consume much power, Message Master 4000 does not generate heat and will run for 24 hours without worries of breaking down. In the event of incoming power failure, it can operate for hours on a small capacity lead acid battery / power supply unit.

  • Small & Compact
    The dimension is 125(l) x 38(h) x 100 (d) mm and weight a mere 480 grams, it can be fitted into any chassis or equipment cabinet or be obscurely installed in any corner of the equipment room.

  • Repeat SMS
    If enabled, when an alarm is triggered, the SMS will be sent to the operation and forward group repetitively at the interval specified during software configuration. To cancel repeat sending, any mobile phone from the operation or forward group must acknowledge to MM4000 by replying the acknowledge command. Once MM4K received the acknowledgement command it will stop sending further SMS for this trigger.

  • Automatic Health Check
    The “Auto Health Check” message allows user to check, via SMS or enable to auto check that the MM4000 unit is functioning properly: If “enable” is checked, MM4000 will send a SMS message on scheduled system date and time. If the auto health check is not enable, user still can perform manual health check by sending a SMS health check command.

  • Remote Phone Management
    Re-assigning of operation personnel, a change of mobile phone number is also common. Rather than having to physically go to the installation site with a notebook computer, the authorized personnel can perform the change from anywhere using their mobile phone. Where there are many installed sites, distance or time is a concern, this becomes very efficient.

Wiring Instruction